What to budget for a visit with Art Coulson

Updated September 2023

Author Art Coulson speaks to a group of children seated on a classroom floor at an elementary school


  • Virtual visit (up to one hour): $500
  • In-person visit (up to one hour): $750 + expenses (see below)
  • In-person, full day: $2,000 (up to four presentations; each additional presentation is $500) + expenses
  • In-person, full school week: $9,000 (up to four presentations each day; each additional presentation is $500) + expenses


  • Mileage at IRS rate for in-state travel; or
  • Actual cost of flight for out-of-state travel
  • Actual cost of rental car (out-of-state travel) if transportation is not provided
  • Lodging if overnight stay required (outside Twin Cities metro area)
  • Meal per diem: $100 per day (outside Twin Cities metro area)


NOTE: Payment by check is due on the first day of the author visit unless prior arrangements have been made. If more than one organization is sponsoring the author visit, the host will collect their funds in advance and then pay author with one check on the first day of the visit.