Art Coulson Trivia & Ephemera

Favorite city

Rome. Italy, not New York or Georgia

Favorite food

Grandma’s tacos

Favorite color

Blue, though Art is blue/green colorblind. So it might actually be green

First job

Paperboy for The Virginian-Pilot/Ledger-Star in Norfolk, Va.

Favorite job

Fry cook at Duff’s Smorgasbord

Number of states visited


States he still wants to visit

Oregon and Alaska

Favorite song

Brokedown Palace by the Grateful Dead

Enjoy it!

Favorite singer

Tom Waits

What? Even more music?

Favorite book

American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and Lexicon by Max Barry (tie)

Favorite movie

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Favorite sport

Cherokee stickball

Favorite animal


Musical instruments played

Trumpet, guitar, harmonica, piano (one song, really badly)

Languages spoken

English (fluently) and conversational French, Spanish, Italian, Ojibwe and Cherokee

Mac or PC?

Mac all the way since 1984

All About Art

A Navy brat, Art was born in Honolulu, where he lived for his first 7 months. Art and his family moved often, sometimes more than once a year. Art attended 14 different schools on three continents before he graduated high school.

Art’s first children’s book, The Creator’s Game, a story about a young lacrosse player, was published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press in 2013. His most recent book, Unstoppable, a story about the great American Indian athlete Jim Thorpe, was published by Capstone in August 2018.

Before writing children’s books, Art was a writer and editor at magazines and newspapers all over the United States. After his journalism career, Art served as the first executive director of the Wilma Mankiller Foundation in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Now, Art lives in Minneapolis with his family, but still plays traditional Cherokee stickball, an original version of lacrosse, when he is visiting friends and relatives in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma several times a year.